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Canon C500

In November 2011, Canon surprised the world with their announcement of the Canon EOS C300 camera. Shortly after, they announced their first 4K RAW camera, the EOS C500. The Canon C500 is extremely versatile with multiple recording format options such as 4K, 2K, 1080p and 720p. Canon also introduced two additional high speed formats with the C500: HRAW or “Half-RAW” Mode which allows 4096×1080 recording up to 60fps and a new YCC422 2K Mode which allows full frame 2048×1080 recording up to 120fps.

“I love the versatility of the Canon C500 and the way that you are not limited to shooting only RAQ. It’s actually rare that I want to shoot RAW, for media sake. 2K and/or 1080p, in some cases, are more than adequate. RAW is nice for feature and special effects work. TV & the web, I don’t see the point in it and that’s why 85% of TV is shot with the Alexa in ProRes. They just don’t want to deal with RAW and it’s not necessary. But this camera gives you all of those options for when you want to use them.” explains Steve Weiss, Director, Zacuto Films.

Canon C300 vs. Canon C500

Canon C300 vs Canon C500

The Canon C500 and C300 share the same sensor but the C500 takes full advantage of the large Super 35mm-size, high-resolution CMOS imager by offering full 4K RAW output via 3G-SDI. The C300 and C500 also share a similar body type. One noticeable difference is that the C500 does not have the removable handgrip. Instead of the removable handgrip, the Canon C500 has venting chambers and dual 3G-SDI connectors. The dual connectors allow you to connect an external recorder so you can capture the 2k and 4k video as well as the high-speed video modes. There are currently five recorders that have announced support for Canon RAW:

  • The Gemini 4:4:4 by Convergent Design
  • The OB-1 by s.Two Corp
  • The Onboard S by Codex
  • The Ki Pro Quad by AJA
  • The HR-7510 by AstroDesign

Another unique feature of the is that when you are recording to a recorder, the C500 can also record a copy on the CompactFlash cards. The Codex and Gemini recorders can actually ‘talk’ to the Canon C500, meaning you can push the record button on the C500 and it will automatically start recording to the recorder. This camera has a lot of interesting features. Watch Scott Lynch, Jens Bogehegn and Steve Weiss discuss more aspects of the camera and Zacuto rigs recommended for the Canon C500 below.

Zacuto Striker for Canon C100-C300-C500

Zacuto Striker for Canon C100, C300, C500

The Zacuto Striker is designed for lightweight, run’n'gun shooting stabilization. Perfect for getting that shot in a tight car! It is super light and easy to handle with the Canon C500. The Striker rig features the Gorilla Baseplate for Canon C100-C300-C500 which attaches to your camera using 3/8″ 16 and ¼” 20 screws. This rig also features a gunstock and handgrip for points of contact.

Zacuto Predator for Canon C100-C300-C500

Zacuto Predator for Canon C100-C300-C500

The Zacuto Predator is also designed for lightweight run’n'gun shooting. It is similar to the Striker however it includes our Grip Relocator which relocates the grip on the Canon C100 and C300 to the handgrip on the rig. This can also be done with the Canon C500; however the C500 does not include the Canon Grip. The Grip can be bought separately. The Grip Relocator puts all the camera controls at your fingertips so no need to remove your hand from the rig.

Zacuto Recoil V2 for Canon C100-C300-C500


In the Zacuto Recoil V2 concept, the Canon C500 camera sits directly on your shoulder like a typical ENG Camera. The Recoil V2 is super light and stripped down. The Recoil V2 starts with our Studio Baseplate. If you are looking to shoot with an external record, you can add the Zacuto Zwiss plate to your kit and mount the recorder off the rods coming from the back of the Studio Baseplate.

Zacuto Stinger for Canon C100-C300-C500

stinger for c100, c300, c500

The Zacuto Stinger is an in-line balanced traditional shoulder mounted system well suited for long shooting days. It features the Studio Baseplate, shoulder pad with 7″ rods and our Z-lite counterbalance weight. If you are looking to mount professional batteries or an external recorder for shooting, check out the Stinger Plus (below) which includes a Zwiss Plate instead of the Z-lite.

Stinger Plus for Canon C100-C300-C500

Stinger Plus for Canon C100-C300-C500

The Zacuto Stinger Plus is an in-line balanced traditional shoulder mounted system well suited for long shooting days. It features our Studio Baseplate, shoulder pad with 7″ rods, and attaches to the Canon C500 with 3/8″ 16 and ¼” 20 screws. The Stinger Plus differs from the Stinger by including a Zwiss Plate instead of a Z-Lite weight. The Zwiss Plate allows you attach external recorders and professional batteries such as V-mount style or 3-stud gold mount. This is particularly useful for Canon C500 users. The professional batteries and/or recorder act as a counterbalance to balance your rig.

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