Zacuto Rentals Now Offering Sony FS100 Camera Packages

Sony’s newest addition to their line of large sensor cameras, the NEX-FS100, has arrived at Zacuto and is immediately available for rent.  This new camera is Sony’s follow-up to the F3, which was released in February of 2011.  The FS100 is smaller and lighter than the F3 but uses the same Exmor Super 35mm CMOS image sensor chip.  It does not support SDI or HDSDI like the F3, but it is equipped with HDMI and component signal outputs.  Much like the F3, users still have the option to swap out their lenses, however, the FS100 requires an adapter for use with any lens that does not utilize the standard Sony Alpha NEX E-Mount.  PL-mount and Nikon “F”-mount lenses can be used, but only with the addition of an adapter.  Unlike its predecessors, the NEX-FS100 does not use SxS cards for recording.  Instead, the camera records to SD cards. Other unique features include a flip-out screen mounted to the top of the camera rather than the side, dual XLR inputs and a removable handgrip with a record start/stop trigger.

Zacuto Rentals is one of the few rental houses offering the FS100 at this time.  All FS100 rental packages include large, long lasting batteries and plenty of 64GB SD cards for ample recording time.  Zacuto Rentals also has plenty of zoom and prime lenses, plus Nikon and Canon lens mount adapters.


Rentals Sony FS100 Body, Docu & Cine Camera Packages

“The FS100 is a great option for filmmakers who want the low-light performance and cinema quality look of the Sony F3, but at a much more affordable price point,” says Zacuto rentals manager Leo Koesterer.  “You could also look at it as a step up from DSLR video making.  You have the lens interchangeability and the shallow depth of field that accompanies that, but with more features you’d expect from a camcorder like XLR audio inputs and time code.”

Zacuto’s research and development team has already developed a full FS100 Filmmaker Kit designed specifically for this camera.  This new rig utilizes the new Zacuto Zwiss Plate, a multi-purpose mounting plate, but other Zacuto rig configurations using the Zacuto Double Mount and Red plate to mount professional batteries will work as well.  Rental customers have the option of using one of our custom Zacuto kits with this camera or choosing whatever parts they need a la carte.  All NEX-FS100 Zacuto rig configurations are also compatible with the new Zacuto EVF.  Because the screen for this camera is located on the top instead of on the side of the camera, it’s not ideal for shoulder mounted support rigs.  With a Zacuto rig, you can easily position the Zacuto EVF off to the side for your Sony NXCAM operator and still have the Sony LCD monitor available for your director to use.   Of course, there are multiple mounting options for your Zacuto EVF.  All Zacuto products are interchangeable and transposable.      

For a complete list of pricing for FS100 rental packages, click here

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