Zacuto Rental Policy

All you need to know


Zacuto Difference

Here at Zacuto we specialize in custom, all-inclusive camera packages. Worldwide, Zacuto is known for our distinctive camera packages for both sale and rental. Zacuto packages like the Docu, Cine, Cine Plus, Studio & Studio/Handheld are now standards in the industry. Unlike the traditional ala carte rental house, Zacuto camera packages are complete with all of the components included.

Packages are available for rent by the day, week or month. We are very serious about our ability to do what our competitors cannot. They are simply rental houses, we are Zacuto. Being Zacuto means anything is possible. Whatever works for you is what we will try to make happen. If you need us, call us.

Regular business hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST. After hours service is available for emergencies 24/7 365 days a year. Our size allows us to give you that old fashion type of service that only a small company can provide. We can work within your budget; don’t be afraid to make an offer for a particular camera package on specific dates. Most of the time, assuming the equipment is available, it’s not a problem.

Contact Our Rentals Department

Rental Director
office: 312-863-3453
after hours emergencies:

3 Things You’ll Need To Rent Equipment

1. One of the accepted payment methods as listed: Paypal, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), debit cards, bank wire or a check for the full rental fee, unless you have an open account.

2. Have your insurance agent email or fax 312-863-3455 an insurance certificate listing Zacuto rentals as the loss payee and additionally insured. If you don’t have insurance, you can purchase insurance from our provider, see below for details. You may rent equipment without insurance if the equipment’s replacement value is less then $5500 and you agree to assume responsibility with a deposit.

3. A security deposit in the amount of your insurance deductible must also be provided by a check or charge. This deposit will be returned to you after the equipment is checked in and found to be in good working order, see below for details.

Hours of Operation

Normal business hours are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday and extended to 24/7 with our night drop room, see below for details. Equipment can be rented on Saturdays and Sundays; an additional fee of $150 is incurred to bring staff in after hours. Feel free to call us 7 days a week and we’ll have someone there whenever you need.

Pickup / Delivery / Shipping

Equipment can be returned 24/7 with our night drop room, see below. We can deliver the equipment to you via messenger locally, FedEx the equipment to you next business day or courier equipment to you same day (anywhere in the USA). Shipping fees apply.

Insurance: You Have 3 Options

1. Rent Equipment with your Insurance

Please have your insurance agent email or fax 312-863-3455 with an insurance certificate listing Zacuto rentals as loss payee and as additionally insured.

2. Insure with Zacuto

Zacuto offers insurance for 15% of the rental up to $15,000 worth of gear.  Please contacnt for details.

3. Rent Equipment with a credit card deposit or certified check

You may rent equipment without insurance if the replacement cost of the equipment does not exceed $5,500. You are required to put up a security deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment. Note that the deposit must be available funds on charge cards, debit cards, bank wire or a check. You are completely responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment rented.

Note: Be sure that your insurance covers you from the moment the equipment leaves Zacuto until the equipment is received back by Zacuto personnel. This applies for both rentals and sales. For example: When we ship equipment to you, your insurance needs to cover you throughout the shipping and delivery process. Zacuto does not purchase any shipping insurance for you, nor do any shipping companies provide insurance for loss, damage or even negligence on there part. Make sure that your leased and rented equipment coverage covers you during the shipping process. Using our night drop room is at your own risk. Your insurance must cover you till one of our personnel receives the equipment from the night drop room as well.

Zacuto Credit Application

For purchase orders or 30 day net house account you can fill out the Zacuto credit application. Must be submitted at least 7 working days prior to your first rental. If approved, terms are 30 days net from date of invoice.

Download Zacuto Rentals Credit Application

Insurance Deductible (Deposit)

All rentals are subject to a security deposit for the amount of the insurance deductible (or for the equipment’s replacement value, whichever value is lower). All security deposits will be returned by mail after all equipment has been returned, fully checked in, found in clean good working order, and in the same condition as when taken. Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged accordingly.

Equipment Prep

Zacuto encourages an equipment prep. You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to fully examine and test all equipment before pickup. If you choose not to prep, or we are shipping the equipment to you, please inspect the equipment as soon as it arrives and contact us immediately if the equipment is not found in good working order. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that the equipment is in good working order and accepted.


It is very important to contact Zacuto immediately if something is damaged or not working correctly. We will correct the problem in a timely fashion no matter where you are located. We reserve the right to correct the problem, which means you must give us a call before contacting someone else to fix it. If we cannot fix the problem quickly enough, we will figure out how to get it fixed faster or replaced by us or from another vender for you.

Equipment Taken Outside of the USA

If equipment is going to be taken outside the US we must be notified; a Carnet is required and a copy must be given to us before the equipment leaves Zacuto rentals. If you need to have a Carnet created we use:

Return Condition

Zacuto equipment is the best kept equipment in the industry. Our customers always comment and appreciate how great the condition of our equipment is. In order to keep this reputation, we have a thorough inspection of all equipment upon every return. This policy ensures good working equipment on your shoot as well as future shoots.

Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was picked up. If returned equipment needs professional cleaning, there will be a charge for this. Be careful when using the equipment in dusty or sandy environments. Ask for and use a rain cover to protect the camera and lenses. A typical camera cleaning to remove dust/dirt from switches or sliding doors costs approximately $280. A lens cleaning can cost as much as $1,200 if sand, dirt or debris gets into the barrel and sounds rough or scratchy when focusing. This requires a complete dismantling of the lens to clean.

Long Term Rates

Long term rates are available and must be negotiated at your booking. Don’t be afraid to make an offer for a particular camera package on specific dates. We may be able to work within your budget, it never hurts to ask.

Chicago 8% Lease Tax

All rentals shooting in Chicago incur a 8% Chicago lease tax unless a valid tax exempt certificate is provided.

Night Drop

Zacuto’s night drop room allows our customers to pick up and deliver equipment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also, in our night drop room are spare videotapes in all formats, replacement cords, cables & connectors, take what you need after hours, just leave us a note. With your rental ask to receive a night drop kit which will include two keys, a code, and instructions on how to use our night drop room. If you rent regularly you can receive a permanent night drop code.

Rental Days

Normally equipment can be picked up the day before the rental at 3:00pm. If the equipment is available earlier, you are welcome to pick it up earlier. Equipment is due back the day after the rental day by 10:00am. Equipment picked up on Friday at 3:00pm and brought back on Monday by 10am is considered one paid rental day. The first three days in a week are paid rental days; the next four are free. Some of our equipment has a set weekly rate which is lower than the normal 3 day week. Weekly rates apply only when made in advance. Extensions or hold-overs are considered new rental periods.