Panasonic AG-AF100 HD Camera Rental Packages

The awesome rental team from Zacuto discuss the new Pansonic AG-AF100 camera available to rent. They also put together some attractive rental packages including everything from extra batteries to the heavy duty Zacuto support gear. Call Zacuto Rentals today to rent one of these complete packages!



Panasonic AG-AF100 Body Package     Panasonic AG-AF100 Docu Package     Panasonic AG-AF100 Cine Package

Panasonic AG-AF100 Rental Packages

“Body” Package “Docu” Package “Cine” Package
Daily Price $200 $450 $800
Weekly Price $600 $1,200 $2,000
Panasonic AG-AF100 camera body
Zacuto Universal Baseplate with 15mm rod support
NovaFlex Micro 4/3 to Nikon F-mount lens adaptor*
(4) Panasonic Batteries
Dual Battery Charger / AC power supply
(3) 64GB SDXC Cards
USB Card Reader
*Micro 4/3 to EOS and micro 4/3 to PL-mount adaptors also available
ZACUTO HAND-HELD SUPPORT $75 upgrade $75 upgrade $75 upgrade
Zacuto Z-Grips
Zacuto Shoulder Pad and counter-weights
Zacuto EVF Flip with Z-Finder 2.5x
Matte Box with (2) filter trays
4×4 Polarizer filter
4×4 ND Grads or ND Solids (.3, .6, .9)
Zacuto Follow Focus
MONITOR (of your choice)
Panasonic 8.4″ LCD Monitor (BT-LH900P)
TV Logic 7″ LCD Monitor (LVM-071W)
Small HD 5.6″ LCD Monitor (DP6-SDI)
TV Logic 5.6″ LCD Monitor (VFM-056WP)
Zeiss Distagon/ T* 3.5/ 18mm/ Nikon F-mount
Zeiss Distagon/ T* 2.8/ 25mm/ Nikon F-mount
Zeiss Distagon/ T* 2.0/ 35mm/ Nikon F-mount
Zeiss Planar/ T* 1.4/ 50mm/ Nikon F-mount 
Zeiss Planar/ T* 1.4/ 85mm/ Nikon F-mount 
Zeiss Macro-Planar/ T* 2.0/ 100mm/ Nikon F-mount
100mm Bowl Fluid Head with a set of tripod legs

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