Zacuto Reveals New Products and More at NAB

NAB is just around the corner and Zacuto is ready with an overflowing new product line including our much anticipated Zacuto EVF.  The show runs from April 9th to April 14th at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we’d love it if you stopped by booth C9542 to check out some of the new Zacuto gear and meet the faces behind Zacuto.  Kessler Crane will also be hanging out in our booth this year, so you’ll also be able to check out all of their new stuff too.  If that wasn’t enough, we will also be screening the Single Chip Camera Evaluation (SCCE) Tests administered by Robert Primes, ASC and interviewing people to get their reactions for new episodes of our Emmy award winning webseries, The Great Camera Shootout 2011.  Screening times are scheduled for 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm and 4:30pm, Monday-Wednesday.  NAB ends at 2pm on Thursday but we will still have Thursday viewings at 10:30am and 1pm.  If you are interested in attending one of the screenings, please sign up at The Great Camera Shootout 2011. Can’t wait until April 9th?   Take a sneak peak at the 17 new products we’ll be debuting at NAB right here!

Z-Finder EVF —Zacuto’s first venture into the exciting world of electronic monitoring.  The Z-Finder EVF boasts 800×480 resolution, a 3.2” display, custom image scaling, focus assist, exposure assist, an HDMI loop through and much more.  Guaranteed to be a frontrunner in the EVF game for DSLR shooters, you won’t want to miss the Z-Finder EVF.   This particular model includes an optical loupe similar to the Z-Finder Jr., but with anti-fog.
EVF Snap—The first variation on the Z-Finder EVF, the EVF Snap allows you to snap your Z-Finder on and off your Zacuto EVF with the greatest of ease.  With no screws, buttons or levers to deal with, your Z-Finder will simply pop off your EVF when you don’t need it.  The whole process takes less than a second and will work with any previous model Z-Finders.  Z-Finder is sold separately.
EVF Flip—Afraid of losing your Z-Finder once you take it off your EVF?  With the EVF Flip, you’ll no longer need to worry.  Just press the red button on the bottom of your EVF Flip to flip your Z-Finder up and out of the way so you can enjoy a clear unobstructed view of your Zacuto EVF screen.  Your Z-Finder stays safely attached to your rig and is ready to use at your convenience.  Z-Finder is sold separately.
Z-Finder EVF Pro—The EVF package for the shooter who needs everything.  The Z-Finder EVF Pro comes with an EVF flip-up design and a 2.5x Z-Finder Pro.  It’s all you will ever need for monitoring your camera’s image.
Zwiss Plate—The Zacuto Zwiss Plate is Zacuto’s multi-purpose mounting plate. This unique cheese plate allows you to mount articulating arms, rods, batteries, converter boxes (including the AJA Ki Mini) and various other camera accessories to your support system.  There’s a mounting hole for just about any accessory you can think of.
EVF Tri Mount Kit—The EVF Tri Mount Kit gives you 3 different options for mounting your Zacuto EVF.  It comes with a standard 4.5” rod for mounting directly to the DSLR Baseplate, an 8” rod for extending your EVF away from your tripod or dolly.   The Tri Mount Kit also comes with a Zacuto Zud ¼” 20 for mounting to your EVF hotshoe adapter.  You can choose whatever mounting option that works for your camera setup or switch between them.  Any way you want to mount your EVF, we’ve got you covered.
EVF Standard Mount—The EVF Standard Mount is the simplest mounting option for the EVF.  It includes a 4.5” F/F rod that attaches horizontally to the DSLR Baseplate and a Z-Mount Zwivel that allows you to connect a vertical rod to the horizontal rod.  In addition to those parts, you’ll get a pan and tilt mount so you can adjust the angle of your EVF to whatever position you desire.   You’ll also get Zacuto’s new Zicro Mini, which allows you quickly release the EVF from the EVF Standard Mount with the simple flip of the lever.
EVF Rod Mount—The EVF Rod Mount is a Zacuto EVF mounting option designed to work with other manufacturer’s camera rigs or a Zacuto Universal baseplate rig.  It comes with a 3.5” 15mm rod and a 1” 15mm rod to fulfill any and all of your mounting desires.  The EVF Rod mount attaches to any 15mm rod.  We try to keep everything universal at Zacuto, so even if you don’t have a Zacuto rig, you can still use the EVF Rod Mount to mount our Zacuto EVF on your camera support system.
Wireless Plate Pro—Designed specifically to work with the Zacuto Zwiss Plate.  The Wireless Plate Pro is a lot like our previous Wireless Plate only smaller.  This handy new product comes with Velcro to attach to your wireless receiver for easy mounting and removal.  It can mount to the Zwiss plate in a variety of different ways and provides safe support to any kind of wireless receiver.  You can also use it with our Zacuto Double Mount and Red Plate system as well as our Zacuto Z-Lock configuration.
Z-Dust Covers for Z-Finders—Nothing is more annoying than constantly having to clean your Z-Finder between shoots or even between shots.    When you’re on a set you won’t even have the time to clean your stuff.  If only there was a way to protect your Z-Finder from dust.  Well now there is.  Once you are done using your gear, simply apply the Z-Dust Cover to the box end of your Z-Finder and it will remain dust free until the next time you are ready to use it.
Z-Dust Covers for EVF—Much like the Z-Finder, the EVF is extremely frustrating to use when dust particles get in the way.  With the EVF dust cover, dust related problems will become a thing of the past.  Just snap the dust cover over your EVF LCD screen and your screen will be safe from dust and scratches.
Zicro Mini—A slimmer, sexier version of our original Zicromount.  Designed specifically for the Zacuto EVF, the Zicro Mini is armed with a standard ¼” 20 screw and our signature red lever.   This new product is here to provide you with the same quick-releasing technology that those other Zicromount versions are just a little bit too large for.
LP-E6 Compatible Rechargeable Battery for EVF—Our LP-E6 compatible battery is a lightweight, compact lithium ion battery. Because we like to keep things universal, this battery works with the Canon LP-E6 charger, Zacuto’s LP-E6 compatible charger and any other LP-E6 compatible charger.
LP-E6 Compatible Battery Charger for EVF—This LP-E6 compatible charger is an absolutely necessary companion for your Zacuto EVF and Canon LP-E6 batteries.  Luckily, one is included with each Zacuto EVF.  This compact sized charger is equipped with a foldable A/C plug for rapid battery charging action.  You can keep one in your kit and one at home so you’ll always be prepared.  Automatic current control prevents overcharging and electric shock and our convenient LED indicator lets you know when you’re charged and ready to go.
18″ Mini to Standard HDMI Cable—It’s 18 inches long, has a standard HDMI plug on one end and Mini-HDMI plug on the other.  The standard HDMI plug also swivels and will rotate 180 degrees to avoid breakage.  Pretty cool.
Hotshoe Ball Mount—The Hotshoe Ball Mount is the perfect tool for fine tune adjustments to your viewing angle of your Zacuto EVF.  The Hotshoe Ball mount can rotate 360 degrees move side to side or back and forth with the loosening of a lever.  Each Zacuto EVF comes with a Hotshoe Ball Mount.
Zgrip Gloves—Zacuto Zgrips are probably the best grips around but even the toughest shooter’s hands are going to get irritated after a long day of shooting with a heavy duty rig.  Give your camera operator a break with soft and spongy Zgrip Gloves.  The gloves slide onto your current Zgrips effortlessly and provide a comfortable buffer between your Zgrips and your shooter’s hands.  A must have for anyone shooting handheld for any extended period of time.
Scorpion—Check out our awesome new camera support system, the Scorpion.  This cutting-edge rig uses a Akton Polymer padding in it’s extremely cushy, form-fitting shoulder pad for maximum comfort.  The whole shoulder pad articulates in multiple directions so you can angle it to fit your body for those long shooting days.  The Scorpion also lowers your rig’s center of gravity which makes it easier to position your EVF and balance your rig.  More information about the Scorpion will be released on a later date.


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  1. John Novotny on April 24th, 2011 2:45 am

    Is there a release date and pricing on the Scorpion yet?

  2. Marko Edwardo on May 30th, 2011 1:56 pm

    I can’t seem to find a price either but i can’t wait much longer. I have lots of shoots coming up soon and may have to settle with the cinevate rigs. Let me know if you hear anything on pricing.