Lighting Rentals

Arri soft bank IV Lighting Kit  $85 $255
(includes 1Kw/ 650w/ 300w/ and (2) 150w lights, (5) stands, Chimera soft box, gels, and mounting accessories)
Kino Flo (3)-piece “Interview” Kit $100 $300
(includes (2) 2X2′ bank lights, (1) 4×2′ bank light, (3) C-stands, (3) sandbags, both 3200K (Tungsten) and 5600K (Daylight) temperature bulbs)
Mickey Mole 1Kw Tungsten Light Kit $35 $100
(includes stand, stinger, and Chimera soft box)
(2) Light LitePanel On-Board Kit $100 $300
(includes a spot light, a flood light, batteries, and mounting arms)
Single Light LitePanel On-Board Kit $50 $150
(includes a flood light, battery, and mounting arms)
LitePanel LP-Micro On-Board Light $15 $45
(powered by (4) AA batteries)
Paglight on-board light kit $75 $225
(includes a 100w HMI bulb and (3) tungsten bulbs (20w/ 35w/ 75w), power belt, batteries, and accessories)
(3) Light LitePanel 1×1 B-Color light kit $225 $675
(Includes (3) dimmable, color-switchable lights, (2) professional v-mount batteries per light)