Introducing the Scorpion

Last year at NAB, Zacuto introduced a brand new prototyped DSLR camera support rig, the Scorpion. The rig was a huge hit at NAB in April and Zacuto has been tweaking, modifying and perfecting the Scorpion ever since!

“We used a spherical lock to allow the shoulder pad to articulate and the shoulder pad is made from an ultra-soft synthetic polymer. This polymer was first used in the medical industry and its super soft gel is the key to its softness,” says Zacuto Product Designer, Bob Zajeski. “The outer fabric is a specially coated Lycra which allows pressure to be absorbed by the ultra-soft synthetic polymer inside and the shoulder rails are machined as one piece for strength and lightness. The Scorpion’s design had to be thoroughly tested and redesigned so it would support the weight of the rig.”

Watch Steve and Jens tell you all about the Scorpion below!

Zacuto didn’t want to release the rig before they were completely satisfied with it, but now after almost a full year of adjustments and modifications, Zacuto is extremely excited to announce that the Scorpion is now for sale and ready to ship to our customers around the world!! This brand new DSLR camera support rig features a new ball-joint technology that allows the user to fine tune the camera rig’s positioning while still maintaining that familiar Zacuto look and feel. While the shoulder assembly may be completely new, the Scorpion still utilizes the DSLR Baseplate, Z-Lite weights and other classic Zacuto parts, so owners of these Zacuto accessories can easily adapt their current rig into a Scorpion by adding the Scorpion Shoulder Assembly.

“The Zacuto Scorpion rig is ultra balanced and comfortable,” says Hollywood Cinematographer, Jared Abrams. “I did not have to take it off once during the shoot. It really is the best DSLR rig I have ever used.”Zacuto lent the Scorpion prototype out to a few notable professionals for a couple of test runs. Here’s what they had to say:

To see Jared’s video review of the Scorpion, click here.

“This is a serious bit of kit for serious jobs. As you would expect it’s incredibly well made,” says Director of Photography, Philip Bloom. “The shoulder pad is very comfortable, the ball joint makes it fit your body perfectly and the handle is a simple but clever idea very well implemented. When you want to put the camera on the tripod simply take it off the QR plate and stick it on your tripod which has a corresponding one. Also it’s very balanced when using the handle just walking with it.”

To see Philip Bloom’s video review of the Scorpion, click here.

The Scorpion’s new form-fitting shoulder pad is what sets it apart from other Zacuto DSLR shoulder mount rigs. The Zacuto shoulder pad uses a cutting-edge permeable gel padding that conforms to any user’s body providing maximum comfort for long shooting days. This unique design lets the user articulate the shoulder pad in multiple directions allowing the rig to fit any shooter’s body type by simply turning a red lever.

The Scorpion’s collapsible handle is another new modernized feature. This handle is great for lifting the rig onto your shoulder or for capturing low sweeping shots. When not using the handle, simply turn the Zacuto quick-release lever, fold it up and tuck it away for storage making your rig more compact. The handle can be positioned up or set down into the shoulder pad.

The Scorpion also lowers your rig’s center of gravity which makes it easier to position your EVF and balance your rig. At the center of the Scorpion is the highly adjustable DSLR Baseplate, which allows users to mount any DSLR camera to the rig and mount the rig onto a tripod. Like all Zacuto DSLR kits, users can also quick release the camera from the rig by turning the red knob on the side of the baseplate and pulling up on the camera. This unique feature allows users to quickly switch between using the camera on its own or as part of the rig.

The Scorpion’s shoulder assembly connects to the back of the DSLR Baseplate via two 2” M/F rods. The rods screw into the back of the DSLR Baseplate and connect to the front of the Scorpion shoulder pad via 15mm quick release ports, making the switch from shoulder mount to tripod quick and easy. The Scorpion can be used on either the left or right shoulder.

The Scorpion kit also includes a 7lb Z-Lite Double counterbalance weight and dual handgrips with 4.5” rods. With the shoulder pad and counterbalance weight coming directly off of the back of the baseplate, the rig is perfectly in-line with the camera and ready to be used with a Zacuto EVF. You can mount your EVF to the side of the rig using the included EVF mount.

This kit is compatible with any 15mm lightweight accessories. If you’re interested in adding a follow focus or any other Zacuto accessory, please visit our online store or contact your local authorized Zacuto dealer. The Scorpion rig challenges the conventions of previous DSLR support systems and is guaranteed to be one of if not the best solution to DSLR camera stabilization.

Check out the instructional video below for more information on operating the Scorpion.

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3 Responses to “Introducing the Scorpion”

  1. Demetri on January 26th, 2012 11:40 am

    That is one fantastic rig!

    On a sidenote, can you guys confirm that you will be announcing dedicated Scarlet/Epic rigs soon? Your products is the only thing that still keeps me from buying RED’s own rig system.

  2. Zacuto on January 26th, 2012 11:47 am

    Hi Demetri, 

    Thanks for the kudos!  The Scorpion is my favorite rig – so far!  We actually just released some C300/Scarlet/Epic rigs for preorder yesterday.  They’ll be ready to ship in the next two weeks.  You can check them out here:  And, this is just the beginning!  We’ll have more stuff rolling out between now and NAB.

    - Rachel 

  3. Demetri on January 26th, 2012 12:57 pm

    Oh wow that’s great to hear, somehow I just missed that. Keep them coming guys!