The Half Cage

We’re excited to announce the release of the Zacuto Half Cage. This may be the only cage you ever need because it works with any camera!  Debuted at NAB 2013 and refined thereafter, it truly is the most universal cage system on the market today. The Zacuto Half Cage creates a solid, adjustable, universal half cage structure around the side and top of your camera rig.  It is adjustable to work with all cameras, sizes and shapes.  It creates great stability, especially when shooting with DSLR’s, giving your camera a sturdy side grip and the ability to add a top grip as well as a whole host of accessories on all sides of the cage.

Watch Steve & Jens discuss the features of the Half Cage

The Half Cage is rod mounted and works independent of your actual baseplate allowing you to adjust its position for balance, exact positioning and space requirements. It is positioned and locked onto 15mm lightweight rods with Allens.  Built into the side of the handle is a magnetic groove to keep the included Allen key safe and nearby at all times. The Half Cage can mount just in front of your baseplate over the lens or behind your camera on rear rods depending on the balance point of your rig and where you want to add accessories. At its most compact height, the Half Cage has a clearance of 5.5”.  Expand the cage via four Allen screws in the handle side and the maximum clearance grows to 9”.  This range will accommodate most any camera size and accessories.

The Zacuto Half CageThe handle side has two rows of ¼ 20 tapped screw holes to attach accessories such as a Zacuto Zud, for Zacuto quick release parts, or threaded accessories like a standard articulating arm or sound recorder etc. At the top of the handle is a 15mm rod port to attach a Zacuto Zamerican articulating arm, Zud or rod.  The handle itself is hand tooled, fine, three quarter maple. The side handle and most of the cheese plate holes are set to work on the right hand side of the camera but can be reversed if a left hand cage grip is desired for 2 handed operation.

The top portion of the Half Cage is double sided Z-Rail.  It gives the ability to attach a top handle, EVF Axis Mount or other Zacuto Z-Rail accessories like the Slide Mount (giving you top rods), cold shoe mount or Z-Rail Z-Mount.  There are also four threaded ¼ 20 screw holes for threaded accessories. The Z-rail is double sided so accessories can be mounted up top or under slung.

Z-Drive and Tornado Kit

The Zacuto Recoil Concept

The Recoil Concept

The Half Cage really shines when used with our new Recoil concept. Zacuto Recoil Rigs place the camera directly over the shoulder, without the need for a counterweight creating a shorter, lighter ENG style rig. It also keeps your accessories within reach!  Use the Half Cage to attach the Zacuto Axis EVF mount.  It connects directly to the Z-Rail at the top of the Half Cage giving you left/right adjustability. Using the Axis with the Zacuto Half Cage allows you to mount your EVF without taking up space on the rods and keeps it out of the way of your lens.

Zacuto Z-Rail accessories are compatible with NATO, Swat, Red, Picatinny and Wooden Camera type rails.

Questions or comments? Zacuto sales and customer service is, as always, ready and waiting to answer calls, emails or live chat.

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