Free Z-Finder Pro when you buy a DSLR Striker Kit

Free Z-Finder Pro when you buy a DSLR Striker Kit

Expired 4/1/2013

Zacuto Celebrates the End of Winter with a Special Offer!

With temperatures in the negatives in Chicago, it’s safe to say that it’s been a rough winter for Chicagoans (where Zacuto headquarters is located).

With the end of winter in sight, what better way to celebrate then to offer our most popular special — Free Z-Finder Pro with purchase of a DSLR Striker! Talk about celebration!

For those unfamiliar with our DSLR Striker, this is one of our lightest DSLR kits with three points of contact. The first point of contact is when one hand is on the handgrip, the second contact is with the gunstock on your chest and the last is with your focusing hand on the lens. With this current special, you will receive a free Z-Finder Pro, which will then add a fourth point of contact! The Striker Kit also comes with a gorilla plate, which attaches to the bottom of your camera allowing the rig to be attached to a tripod plate. With the tripod plate attached, now you can move from a handheld setup to a tripod in seconds.

Our Z-Finder Pro is an optical viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. The Z-finder will magnify the LCD screen by 2.5x or 3x and has a diopter for specific focus tuning. The Z-Finder cuts out light and offers a primary point of stability by pressing your eye against the comfy, rubber eyecup.

Check out Steve & Jens below discussing the DSLR Striker kit among other Zacuto Gorilla kits & accessories!

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