EVF Mounts: EVF Standard Mount, Rod Mount, & Tri-mount

Our new electronic viewfinder is guaranteed to be a leading product for monitoring DSLR and single chip cameras, but now you need to figure out how you want to mount it.  Well, look no further- Zacuto has developed many mounting systems specifically designed to work with your new Z-Finder EVF.  

Of course the way you mount the EVF depends on your shooting style, but we have put together some recommendations for you.

No Kit Shooters-  Ready to shoot right out of the box. The EVF comes with a hotshoe ball mount to attach your EVF to the hot shoe of your camera. This is the most simple, basic way to mount your EVF. 

Gorilla Kit Shooters- We recommend the EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket. The EVF Gorilla Plate bracket attaches to the Gorilla plate where the Z-Finder Frame attaches . The Gorilla Plate Bracket has a swivel at the end of horizontal shaft that allows you to position the EVF toward your body or away from your body. The vertical rod that attaches to the EVF has a pan and tilt allowing you to tilt the EVF up or down as well as forward and back to position it to your eye exactly where you need it. Of course with all Zacuto’s designs, you can flip the lever and release the EVF from the mount. We also recommending using the Pincher, Zacuto’s mini HDMI cable restraint device. This is the perfect solution for keeping your HDMI cable in place. The Pincher will work with Zacuto’s Gorilla Plate and DSLR baseplate. Another option if using the Striker configuration is the EVF Standard Mount. The mount attaches to any of the 15mm rods. See pictures below.

    No Kit Shooters Striker with EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket


From Left to Right: No Kit Shooters, Striker with EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket & Pincher

Zacuto DSLR Cinema Kit Shooters- We recommend the EVF Standard Mount. It uses a 4.5”F/F rod and a Z-Mount Zwivel to attach directly to our Zacuto DSLR Baseplate. Simply insert the  4.5” rod into the side of your DSLR Baseplate and tighten the screw.  The Z-Finder EVF attaches to Zacuto’s new Zicro Mini with the provided ¼” 20 screw.  The Zicro Mini allows you to quick-release the EVF from the Standard Mount by using our 1/4 turn lever technology.  The EVF Standard Mount also allows the user to pan and tilt your EVF to your desired position.  

DSLR Stinger Kit with EVF Standard Mount

DSLR Stinger Kit with EVF Standard Mount

Zacuto Universal Baseplate Shooters- We recommend our EVF Rod Mount. It is perfect for attaching the EVF to a Zacuto Universal Baseplate or any other non-Zacuto camera rig.  The EVF Rod Mount connects to any 15mm rod.  The combination of our Z-mount Zwivel 360 degree connector and our tilt and pan mount gives you unlimited options for adjusting the angle of your EVF.  This option also comes with a Zicro Mini for quick-releasing capability.

AF100 Universal Baseplate Setup with EVF Rod Mount

AF100 Universal Baseplate Setup with EVF Rod Mount

EVF Tri Mount Kit- The EVF Tri Mount Kit gives you 3 different options for mounting your Zacuto EVF.  This kit includes the EVF Standard Mount as well as a 7” rod and a ZUD ¼” 20.  You can use the EVF Standard Mount configuration while shooting handheld, switch to our Extended Viewfinder Mount option when using a tripod or dolly or attach the EVF to your hotshoe mount for a more compact configuration.  The Zud ¼ 20” allows you to quickly release your EVF from any other mount and quickly put it on your hotshoe. The 7” rod allows you to do an extender viewfinder mount. Of course if you don’t buy the Tri-mount kit at first, you can buy all the pieces individually to make a tri-mount kit.

EVF Tri Mount     EVF attached to the Quick Release Hotshoe Mount

From Left to Right: EVF Tri Mount, EVF attached to the Quick Release Hotshoe Mount

Now ready to get confused? We shot a bunch of possibilities using the Zacuto Gorilla Kits depending on which hand and eye you use to focus. If you are a right hand elevated shooter, we use the EVF Standard mount coming off the Gunstock Rod. If you are a right hand, right eye shooter, or Right hand, left eye shooter, we like using the EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket. If you are a left hand, left eye shooter, we put the EVF directly on the hotshoe. Of course these are only our recommendations. We encourage you all to come up with your own unique way of mounting the EVF and share them with us!

You can setup the EVF for right eye or left eye shooting as well as right hand or left hand shooting. 

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  1. Marc B on August 26th, 2011 12:27 pm

    Great adapation for guerilla style shooting, but doubt that I’ll be using my EVF Flip without a full shoulder mount to attach it to. The Z finder is good enough on it’s own for lean and mean shooting, especially since I already have a bulky Marantz PMD 661 clamped on the other side of my handheld rig.