Check Out New Zacuto Gear at IBC 2011

IBC 2011 is coming up and Zacuto will be there ready to introduce a myriad of new products and kits.  The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is the largest convention of the global media industry, attracting over 48,000 professionals and 1,300+ Exhibitors from more than 140 countries.  The show runs from September 9th to September 13th at the Amsterdam RAI and we’d love it if you stopped by booth 11.F90 to check out some our newest gear and meet our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mandy Rogers, @zacuto_mandy.

Peter Hoare from Hocus Focus will also be in the Zacuto booth along with Zacuto experts from our resellers Videobewerken in the Netherlands and BPM in Germany.  This year we also plan to showcase several Kessler Crane products including a Kessler Cineslider complete with motor and oracle controller on a K-Pod Pocket Dolly traveler and the Pocket Dolly Bloom Edition.  Can’t wait until September 9th?   Take a sneak peak at some of the new products we’ll be debuting at IBC right now!



The Kessler Cineslider & The Zacuto Scorpion

Scorpion—Introducing Zacuto’s awesome new camera support system, the Scorpion.  This fancy cutting-edge rig uses an Akton Polyme padding in its extremely cushy, form-fitting shoulder pad for maximum comfort.  The entire shoulder pad articulates in multiple directions so you can angle it to fit your body for those long shooting days.  The Scorpion also lowers your rig’s center of gravity which makes it easier to position your EVF and balance your rig.

The Zacuto Pincher

Pincher—A video camera’s HDMI port can cost over $1000 to repair if it gets damaged, but with the new Zacuto Pincher you won’t have to worry about that.  The Pincher safely secures your HDMI cable to your DSLR camera, keeping it out of the way and protected from getting caught on anything in your surrounding environments.  It also keeps your HDMI cable from coming unplugged and losing its signal on the EVF.

EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket—Due to popular demand, Zacuto now offers a simple solution to mounting a Z-Finder EVF to a Target Shooter, Striker or any other camera stabilization kit that uses a Gorilla Plate.  The EVF Gorilla Plate Bracket attaches to your Gorilla Plate or DSLR Baseplate by using a sling bracket that makes using an EVF with a Gorilla Kit a breeze.

Zwiss Cage—Fans of camera cage setups are going to love our new Zwiss Cage armed with an additional Gunstock for chest support plus an array of accessories including the Z-Finder EVF Pro mounted with a Zamerican Arm.  It’s a big step up from our Z-Cage and can handle a lot more accessories.  It looks similar but instead has our Zwiss Plate mounted to the top.

FS100 Filmmaker Kit—FS100 operators won’t want to miss FS100 Filmmaker Kit.  This kit is one of a kind.  It was designed specifically for Sony’s new FS100 camera and we’re sure it’s the best rig out there.

Top Grip Handle—This new handle is ideal for the new Zwiss Cage, the Sony FS100 camera and the RED Epic.  The FS100 and Epic are basically just square boxes which makes them difficult to pick up.  Add the Top Grip Handle and that problem is eliminated.

In addition to all of these fine new products, we will also be showing a RED Epic with a customized Zacuto Kit. The rig will be built around the Zacuto Mini Baseplate. This is a RED EPIC shoulder mount rig that you will not want to miss.  We also hope to show a couple prototyped products including a new friction based follow focus.  Stop by our booth and say hello!  We hope to see you in Amsterdam!!

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